Design, development, & marketing services
Break9 is a consulting & development firm focused on designing & delivering visually compelling websites, applications, & original media content. Break9 currently offers high-level website design, app development, media content creation, & marketing services for several large companies. The Break9 team continues to work on digital media & design projects for Samsung, the AVP, several large LA-based entertainment entities, & other companies throughout California & the nation.
We provide compelling & rich web, phone, application & marketing design services.
With skilled UI/UX & back-end developers, we can help bring your projects and designs to life.
Whether you need a hosted, cloud, or hybrid solution, we can help you find the right fit.
Project Management
Our project team is agile, focused, & scrum-ready to help get your project to market quickly.
Our analytics team provides real, timely, & actionable data to help your team make better decisions.
We utilize great design, project management, & analytics to create powerful marketing campaigns.
Managed IT, network, & wireless services
Break9 also provides managed IT & network services that include network architecture, design, implementation, site monitoring, disaster recovery, asset management, & wireless infrastructure throughout California. We save our customers time & money by bundling services & sharing a primary point of contact for all of their technical requirements. Our managed services client base includes technology, medical, entertainment, construction supply, & financial institutions.
Our office & network design services include Internet, LAN, cameras, phones, printers, & Dicom.
We don't just design & manage your service, we physically build it from the ground up.
Managed network and IT services, both on & off-site, are at the core of our business solutions.
We provide planning & implementation strategies to ensure your data won't disappear.
Disaster Recovery
Back-ups aren't enough, we provide recovery plans that include forensic data audits & off-site recovery.
We help find & implement security protocols that keep you & your clients’ data secure.

How Can We Help?

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