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IT Consulting – Managed Network Services

Remote Managed Endpoints

Remote monitoring, issue resolution, and patch management for all network defined endpoints – servers, workstations, printers, and all other network peripherals.

Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus with consistent group policies to help keep your organization safe and the network secure from ransomware and other harmful threats.

Patch Management / Updates

Firmware and OS patch managment and upgrade so you network devices and software stay up to date and secure. Up to date infrastruce equals less downtime.

Backup and Replication

Full onsite and offsite backups including failover replicas of mission critical services. Cloud backup on flat files to prevent corruption from ransomware attacks.

Disaster Recovery

Onsite real-time rollover to replica servers to maintain mission critical services and business uptime. File level recovery all the way to full virtualization restores.

Network Security & Planning

Full remote management of all critical network infrastructure and networks including planning, and rollout of secured wired and wireless networks.

Marketing SEO, Advertising, Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

Website and application development including search engine optimization. Best practices for linked content and cross product marketing and greater visibility.

Analytics and App Metrics

Real-time application user interaction data and metrics, including, user history throughout time and comparative data across similar products and apps.

Online Business Presence Conformity

Uniform and consitent business profile and information accross all listing sites and apps, including, Google my business, Yelp, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn, etc.

Local Channel Marketing

Collaboration with local, national or international media outlets for greater customer reach beyond socials and online search and advertising platforms.

Digital and Social Media Ads

Design, development and deployment of online digital, search and social media ad campaigns for web application or static media environments such as billboards. 

Social Media Management

Complete management of all relevant social media and related platforms for cross platform continuity and brand cohesion across the internet and applications.

Break9 also offers a full suite of web, native Android and Iphone app development.

We have our own in-house full stack developers so your project won’t be ‘outsourced’ to another team. We build high availablility website and apps that solve real life business problems for our clients. Our application development clients include the AVP, Samsung, Redbull, CVT, and many others.

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